Christian Schweitzer

After training and working as a master carpenter, he studied interior design at the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences, as well as in Shanghai (China) and Cincinnati (USA). He went on to gather global work experience in New York with Champalimaud in the area of hospitality, and on international projects for wecause in the area of spatial communication. He worked with wecause from 2017–2021, initially as a Senior Project Manager Interior Design, and later in management.
In 2022 he took up the position of Managing Director with schreiner schweitzer gmbH, becoming the 5th generation to run the family business, and founded, together with Jonathan Siegle, the interior design company, studio schweitzer & siegle in Ulm.
Christian is an advisory member of the board of bdia Baden-Württemberg (Baden-Württemberg association of interior designers), and he is an examiner for journeymen joiners.


Jonathan Siegle

After training as a carpenter and a management assistant for artisan trade, he spent two years working as a joiner, after which he studied interior design at the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences, as well as in Shanghai (China) and Cincinnati (USA). During and after his studies, he worked with architecture firms in Stuttgart and with the international Ippolito Fleitz Group, primarily in the area of workspace design.

In 2022, together with Christian Schweitzer, he founded the interior design firm, studio schweitzer & siegle in Ulm.