manufacturing & installation

Material, Color and
Lighting Concepts

Since our roots are in (carpentry) crafts, we have a good “feel”, in the truest sense of the word, for haptic, high-quality materials and how to process them. Drop in to our extensive “Materials Treasury” and experience with all your senses how your project can be turned into reality.

We will be happy to help you draw up material and color concepts, either as part of an overall project, or as a stand-alone job.

Even the most beautiful materials and colors, and even entire rooms, will only look their best if the lighting is just right. Additionally, there are also guidelines based on the function of a room, that have to be observed. On request we will create a customized lighting concept for you that meets all the technical and atmospheric requirements


Furniture Design

Whether it’s part of a project or a one-off item, unique pieces of furniture can be created if one is committed to optimization and perfection, and responds to the customer’s wishes and ideas. By closely engaging with shape, proportions, material properties and the technical execution, solutions can be found that really stand out from the commonplace. The rule here is not the “one size fits all” approach of a universally applicable – and therefore replaceable – design, but rather individuality. Our furniture is as unique in its design and character as our clients themselves.

Would you care for a dream kitchen, a dream bathroom, home office, sideboard or table that is the same as everybody else’s?
With Schreinerei Schweitzer’s state-of-the-art furniture production facility next door, any special wish can be fulfilled.


Schreiner Schweitzer perfectly complements our studio. Now being run by the fifth generation of the same family, this carpentry has been operating for over 120 years in Ulm. Its experience and state-of-the-art equipment stand for best quality in joinery. This is where our ideas are transformed into beautiful pieces of furniture. Because Schreiner Schweitzer is direct neighborhood, interfaces are efficient and quality is assured. Projects and workflows are agile because any questions about details that come up can be resolved right away.